eeWater on Camera

The pictures below were taken with the Korotkov GDV  (Gas Discharge Visualization) camera and show the photonic discharge of plain saline water drops, the saline water after clearing/blanking, and the saline water imprinted with CyberScan signals.

Notice the consistent structured effect that CyberScan imparts.









From left to right

Picture 1: The isotonic saline solution, as it comes from manufacturer.

Picture 2: The solution imprinted with Cyberscan biofeedback signals (in this case it was signals which support methylation)

Picture 3: “Cleared” solution. Which means all signals were cleared from the water. (Which is what we do before your personal signals are imprinted into the water.)

This type of high tech photography and analyzation software is from Russia, and is used often for other types of water testing.

For further understanding of this analysis technology, here is a link to another study showing how the GDV camera is used for testing water:


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