Remote Scan and Collection Instructions

A remote CyberScan requires a saliva and/or hair sample. When you prepay your scan on Green Health Cube, you will be sent a glass tube automatically. Shipping charge will be applied.

Q: How do I collect the saliva and/or hair?

A:  For hair, try to take hair from as close to scalp as possible or from a clean hair brush. If you color your hair, please use saliva. Preferably, we ask for both hair and saliva. Do not use anything except clean, clear glass containers for sending saliva and/or hair samples for the most accurate input.

For saliva, take the sample anytime of day, at least 10 minutes away from food and drink. Rinse mouth out with clean water. To stimulate saliva wiggle tongue or rub cheeks. Allow saliva to collect in mouth without swallowing before first spit.  Tightly close container and place in biohazard or ziplock bag, securing tightly. Use secure mailing materials to protect glass tube/jar. Write name and date of birth, not on the glass container.

Send to:

Paradigm Health Solutions

Attn: Tiffany Dalton

41-990 Cook Street #F-2006

Palm Desert, CA 92211


Q: How do I schedule an appointment?

A: For in-office scan appointments, please call 760.348.8998 or use the online scheduling system here.